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About Enhance

Enhance isn't just a business case competition. It strives to be an inspiration for young, future entrepreneurs; to be the opportunity that allows them to discover something within themselves, and enabling them to discover an entirely new passion for entrepreneurship or a desire to learn what the business field and case studies have to offer.


Enhance not only offers an unprecedented experience for business-minded individuals to participate in interactive workshops held by successful entrepreneurial professionals, but also allows participants to apply their new-found knowledge - their skills, their passion - through an extensive business simulation. Above all, we strive to prepare delegates for realistic case analyses by incorporating unique challenges, and twists, engaging not just logical ability, but creative flexibility as well.


Organized by a team of creative and passionate students, Enhance redefines what business case competitions can be from the ground up.


What makes us unique?

Our Focus & Enhanced Delegate Feedback

  • Enhance focuses on the creativity of delegates and their performance, most importantly their development, rather than their skills

  • Enhance offers not only a scoring rubric with comments for every team but also a comprehensive Performance Index Report that showcases the improvements of delegates between each round of presentations

Enhance Problem Statement

  • Enhance values logical ability and creative flexibility

  • The core of Enhance Case Competition is the Enhance problem statement, which will be handed out to every team after their first-round presentations

    • The EPS presents a more complicated situation that corresponds with the case and asks the delegates to come up with inspiring ideas that could "enhance" their recommendations and solutions in the long run

Giving Back to Communities Around Us

  • A portion of the excess funds from each iteration of Enhance Case Competition will be donated to a charity that strives to make the world a better place

    • Enhance is the only case competition that takes the initiative and the action truly reflects our core value - enhancing the community and people that surround us

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